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Does fantasy represent a subversive space within the mainstream where ideas, images and ideologies can be challenged Discuss the possibility of fantasy to create a subversive space to critique or challenge the mainstream culture by using two novels "The Man in The High Castle" by Philip K.Dick and "The Last Unicorn" by Peter.S.Beagle.


These fantasy novels and movies provide a sense of relief to both the adults and children from the atrocities and culture of this real world. I believe that fantasy offers an 'escape' from the horrors of today's culture. A person who has some moral values and who still believes in the decency of the humanity may prefer reading fantasy novels over others. The art of writing nowadays is full of horrible realities presented in an indecent and offensive way which express the emotions and actions of different people. In such an era, fantasy plays a vital role in aiding the suffering humanity by giving them an imaginative series full of pleasure and interesting characters.
People think that such characters and unrealistic incidents create a negative thought of the world. However, my personal opinion differs from such assumptions. Fantasy does not only talk about unrealistic incidents but it provides a positive side of the most negative attributes of a subject. Fantasy provides a subversive space within the mainstream where ideas, images and ideologies can be challenged. Nowadays, science has discovered the reality of the storms and thunders as a result of indifferent casual processes, whereas, fantasy gives the reason for these thunders as a result of 'God's anger and aggression'. ...
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