Role of Socio-Economic Determinants in the Sporting Performances of Countries: A Comparative Study on Performances of China and Brazil in the Game of Football

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The concept of sport as a physical activity played on a limited territory by heroic individuals is a comparatively modern one. In the ancient days, sports were considered to be a diversion from the daily routine, often involving the whole town. It was a mass participation activity connected with carnival fairs and social gathering.


The characteristic features of sports are often determined by the cultural background of the countries concerned. The prominence of some sports in some countries have varied reasons which can not be generalized as there are various factors responsible for such prominence and those factors even affect the performances of the countries in the respective sports. Such factors among other things are the socio-economic factors prevalent in a country. This paper analyses the effect of such socio-economic determinants on the sporting performances of different countries in general and more specifically the performances of China and Brazil in the game of international football (soccer).
Mostly these variables represent the cultural background of the countries. The basic cultural attitudes of a country have a larger say in the sporting performances of the respective countries. The popularity and admiration that the people of a country attribute to a game depends on the cultural background of the country. A typical example to cite is the American football and base fall which is popular in the US. These games represent the pushy and aggressive nature of the Americans and their desire to arrive at a decision on any issues at a faster pace. ...
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