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The metropolitan Museum of Art may be found near the Central Park. Upon going there, one must enter the W. 79th Street from the Henry Hudson Pkwy. They must turn left to the Central Park West and turn to E 79st Transverse Road after reaching the 81st St -Museum of Natural History.


The museum can be used for academic purposes for major academic resources to reinforce data and documents on relevant subjects. Thus, its importance lies in the fact that students, teachers, professors, art enthusiasts, archaeologists, and historians can utilize the museum for some exploration of knowledge that would aid research. The museum can likewise provide entertainment and knowledge to tourists who decide to visit it.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art is located in New York City and was designed by Richard Morris in 1895 after being founded in 1870 by a group of civic leaders, philanthropists, and artists. The conception of the museum began in 1866 when a group of Americans gathered at a restaurant in Paris, France to celebrate the American Independence Day on that Fourth of July. They came up with a proposition to establish a national institution and gallery of art and convinced American civic leaders, art collectors, and philanthropists to participate in the project. In 870, the Metropolitan Museum of Art was finally established which was housed in two different locations in New York City. The first was in 681 Fifth Avenue which was later moved to 128 West 14th Street.1
It includes European paintings on display, an unparalleled Egyptian gallery, and Asian art, sculpture, photography, and armory in its m ...
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