SLP 4 When a company does not have a large IT department

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A consulting firm can be defined as "a firm of experts providing professional advice to an organization for a fee" (Wikipedia, 2008). Small companies often opt to hire a consulting firm to handle their information and technology selection and procurement process, as do a lot of medium businesses.


Information System Planning and Selection for the company that is represented in this particular case study wholeheartedly claims that they have readily available functional specialists to assist customers that their services consist of, "information system (ERP) needs analysis, functional specifications, development of a Request For Proposal, evaluation of responses, vendor selection, and contract negotiations. For existing information systems, we will assess current performance and expectations against end-user needs, and develop short term and long term plans for improvement" (Education, 2008).
With regard to higher education (which is their specialty), here are several projects that a prospective customer can choose from when it comes to Information System Planning and Selection. ...
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