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Corporate Security Policies - Essay Example

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The need to secure business sites has increased along with the intensification of competition. Information constitutes the core asset of any corporate entity and as information is being increasingly stored on digital media, it is imperative that companies institute security policies which would limit access to the said media and, quite possibly, their physical location (Fernandez and Sinibaldi, 2003; CoreStreet, 2006)…

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Corporate Security Policies

Referring to both theory and practice, this essay will investigate the strategies companies utilize for the design and implementation of their security policies.
Todorov (2007) highlights the imperatives of implementing physical security policies. Even while conceding to the importance of automated, computer-mediated security systems, Todorov (2007) contends that the importance of physically securing sensitive sites within a company cannot be overlooked. Concurring, Fernandez and Sinibaldi (2003) explain that the securitization of sensitive physical sites within a corporate structure is comprised of four principle components. First is the management of physical locations, whereby the access control system policy should be designed and implemented with the purpose of controlling access to locations/sites. Second is the control of who may access a restricted room. As different types of employees may have access to different areas/sites within the company, it is necessary to implement an authentication and authorization role-based access control system. ...
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