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Journalist and Enron - Other types Example

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The Enron scandal was something that rocked the business world and also inspired books and movies based on it. Fake accounts and balances maintained were revealed publically and the bankrupt company, that hid behind the facade of a prosperous one, were exposed…

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Journalist and Enron

He not only performed his duty as a journalist and a responsible media personnel, but also did instil fear in the other big corporations, from indulging in such illegal methodologies. As Enshwiller points out, "The press should be there to examine, questioning, and bring it to the public".
His statement puts forth before us, a larger perspective---the imperative role the media plays, in today's society. This is the Age of Information, and information at its popular best! The media has been rightly accredited with the epitaph of the Forth Estate, next only to the three organs of the government. It functions not only as a source of information and news, but also strives to inform the public about occurrences that often hold widespread importance.
The media, is formed by hard-core journalists and correspondents, who sometimes even risk their lives for the factual representation and exposure of the truth. They strive to present before the public, daily occurrences and other issues of common inetrest and concern, for the betterment of the society. ...
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