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Theory of Health Care

"Health Promotion and Disease Prevention should be the primary focus in health care and specific services reimbursed through health insurance coverage" (Pender 2006). Pender underlines that community programs should support all areas of health promotion and healthcare system in general. "New and evolving computer technologies will enable health professionals to assess individuals effectively as a basis for personalized interventions" (Pender 2006). Nurses, because of their commitment to care for people with health needs, must take transitions, and the family's definition of that transition, into account when assessing patients or clients and planning nursing intervention.
Pender considers the family to be both inward and outward looking. She observed that the family had internalized values and traditions that it exists to nurture its members, only to release them into society, where in future it would recreate itself. She also emphasizes that society both reflects change in families and that society effects change upon families over time in a feedback loop. Pender states: "We cannot continue to let people become ill when we have the means to keep many people well" (Pender 2006). Pender underlines importance of regular medical examinations for infants and aged family members. ...
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Nola J. Pender has made a great contribution to the theory of health promotion and primary care settings. Pender explains that the family is often expressed as being 'the basic unit of society'. It more probably should be considered as a specialized element which serves society in a variety of ways and depends upon society for its stability…
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