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The selection for upper elementary students is entitled "A Sweet Adventure" from which is a fictional selection about a child who enters an imaginary world made up of sweet foodstuff after touching her sibling's bag of candy during one boring afternoon.


In their past experience, they should also be able to relate to the main character's initial delight at being able to eat all the saccharine-laced food that was being presented and recognize the need to eat other kind of food for their nutritional value. The selection was written in simple language with basic idiomatic expressions that children of their age normally use.
There is an introduction to the use of adverbs and usage of present-tense verbs as the selection describes what the character does in candy land. New vocabulary words are highlighted filled with context clues. The context clues will prove useful for describing sensory images that will create an effective mental picture of the dilemma the character experiences as the story progresses. The selection is written in simple language and there would be minimal confusion if the reader's first language was English.
Since some of the words are in boldface, the facilitator can develop an exercise where the readers figure which of those words fit in each item of the exercise. It can focus on vocabulary mastery or grammar skills. There were some sentence patterns that might need further explanation for the readers as they are filled with modifiers, clauses and other word groups. They can be taught to identify the key words and the main components of the sentence patterns to comprehend the complex sentence structure.
Most of the words tha ...
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