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Inequality in American History:from reconstruction to the first world war - Essay Example

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Inequality in American History:from reconstruction to the first world war

Not only it was a competitor for power, it is also one of the conquerors. Hawaii of the Pacific waters and to the American Indians of the south, America had stretched its arms that far to expand its nation.
United States of America, as its name says, is composed of different states. Together with in such nation run different races, there were those red Americans (the Indians), black Americans (the Negros) and those from the Latin Americans of the south. With the differences of races, the nation cannot get away from discriminations. Among the races who are those who dominate and who are those being disregarded
Let us take for example the case of the Negros, before; they were brought to this land for slavery. There is always a distinction of priorities if you are black and if you are white. Was it because these black people came from a different land and have different skin color that made them discriminated among the whites
Though discrimination is a thing cannot be avoided. Jackson, 1966, stated in the Laws of the State of Mississippi, "The status of the Negro was the focal problem of Reconstruction. Slavery had been abolished by the Thirteenth Amendment, but the white people of the South were determined to keep the Negro in his place, socially, politically, and economically. This was done by means of the notorious "Black Codes," passed by several of the state legislatures. Northerners regarded these codes as a revival of slavery in disguise. The first such body of statutes, and probably the harshest, was passed in Mississippi in November 1865. Four of the statutes that made up the code are reprinted below."
With this statement you can see the conspiracy held nicely. They keep the blacks but still the tint of slavery is there, it was never gone. The black people are always the least of given opportunity. It was even stated in the Civil Rights of Freedman Section 2 and 3 that all freemen Negros married with its same kind are considered lawful but if there is an intermarriage to white, it is considered as a crime. Even in marriage, this people are still discriminated. What if you belong to this black people and fall in love with a white man, would you still go for marriage if the consequence is answerable to law You can always answer "no", but can you avoid absolute emotions like for falling for a white guy
Aside from the Negros, there are still other races being discriminated. According to an article from The Journal of American History (2005), even in the early times when America was with in touch with Europeans, Indian women are traded and exchanged as slaves as baits for political motives. Another story about slavery is Jonathan Edward's American debate over slavery for nearly a century. He was a revivalist and philosopher who also owned slaves.
With this kind of stories, inequality treatment by this time is very rampant. Humans are used as instruments to gain power and influence. Using the minorities, The Americans are not exempted from the issues of slavery and inequality.
Up to this time, this inequality treatment has not been eradicated. Generations to generations the grudge of ancestors upon the Americans due to grabbing of lands, unequal treatments and slavery are passed continuously. Let's take for example the story of Chief Joseph who is also known as Hin-mah-too-yah-lat-kekt. He was a native from Idaho and was one of the ...Show more
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The growing world we have does not exempt any nation from any competition. Humans compete to survive, whatever means that he can do to surpass tests, is never impossible to show it how powerful an individual can be. Like humans, nations also acts like that since it s composed of humans.
Inequality in American History:from reconstruction to the first world war
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