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Individuals should bear healthcare costs rather than governments - Essay Example

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Individuals should bear healthcare costs rather than governments

For those who require serious medical attention, the situation is even more pathetic since they expectedly ring up higher medical bills. "Almost 30% of the U.S. population either had a high financial burden of healthcare costs or were uninsured." (Cunningham, 2006).
According to (U.S. Government, 2009), the average household spent 2500$ on out-of-pocket medical expenses. Also tight economic conditions result in a great number of layoffs and medical expenses become quite difficult to bear for the unemployed persons. So the help from the government naturally becomes mandatory to resolve the issue. There is a huge body of evidence suggesting the healthcare issues, to be the ultimate responsibility of the government, since the healthcare expenses are spiraling out of control. Who is going to take all the blame if even the government, with all its powers and resources becomes impassive in such circumstances
Recently in November 2009, President Obama finally got the healthcare reform passed. The point of the bill is to make healthcare a completely government-controlled system. Still the bill seems a bit likely to relieve the problem because many families would still find their healthcare expenses rise beyond what they feel they can easily afford. "I ended up spending over 4000$ out of my own pocket despite having what's considered high quality, employer-sponsored health insurance." (Bradford, 2010). Also the government plans to increase the healthcare costs of the average American family by 4000$. "For the average single American, the cost of healthcare insurance today is about $4,600. The report found that this cost will rise to $8,200 in 2019." (Gingrich, 2009). Still the bill is an innovative approach from the government to taper the healthcare crisis. The main problem is a group of corrupt people who are keen to maintain the sour issues. "High-risk individuals face notorious difficulty in accessing private health insurance at reasonable costs." (Forget et al, 2008). Unfortunately this group comes in between the government and the public. The fact that the health insurance is not directly provided by the government leads to a catastrophic situation. "The actual delivery both of insurance and of care is undertaken by a crazy quilt of private insurers, for-profit hospitals, and other players who add cost without adding value." (Wells and Krugman, 2006). So the straight provision of healthcare insurance by the government itself can be supportive in reducing the overall healthcare costs.
Yet another factor needs to be considered which are the ...Show more


For centuries, people have suffered at the cost of defective healthcare system, not being able to pay for all the heavy expenses for many different reasons. What with other homely expenses and one's own ever-expanding needs, it naturally becomes a tedious job to bear all the out-of-pocket expenses personally…
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Individuals should bear healthcare costs rather than governments essay example
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