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This article is about the challenges the aging population of US citizens give to the present and future generations. Specifically this article addresses the advancements in the field of medicine that the aging population is utilizing by consuming the much needed resources…

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The question is about fairly allocating resources to both parties so that the present and the future both are spent happily.
The aging population of the US is approximately 13% of the whole. However this very 13% get more than 60% of all federal social spending which is outrageous as the taxpayers spend three times more funds on the elderly than on their children. According to the author "it is not a workable nation-building strategy to spend significantly more on the last generation that we do on the next generation". Don't we all say that our children deserve much better Yes of course we do! The children do deserve better than we have in our lives right now. But how will we give our children better when we most of our funds are being consumed giving 'better' to the aged This is exactly the point the author tries to hit and I absolutely agree with it.
The Americans spend $6000 annually on health care per person on an average. Economically it is bad for the a nation to spend this much as it can cause instability but according to polls health care is still the number one priority. It's in the nature of every person to take care of loved ones and specially the ones in distress. ...
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