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Capitalism and Democracy - Book Report/Review Example

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Capitalism and Democracy

It seems even these have already been thrown to the lap of big business, which had been able to force enactments of legislations that would further strengthen its economic and political hold over governments and citizens not to mention its rival competitors. This it does through lobbying, kickbacks and briberies. From the looks of it, governments have taken the back seat while allowing big business to control all aspects of society. It's analogous to Dr. No or Goldfinger or any of those power-hungry James Bond tycoons who out of greed, schemed to rule the world. Indeed, money is the root of all evil. Accusing fingers should therefore be trained not only to greedy corporations but also to the wealthy elite tycoons or the plutocrats who are behind the capitalistic surge to control everything that comes their way. The problem is wealth has been too concentrated in the hands of the few, that the voice of this few elite commands and impels, burying the voice of the majority of the people. It seems that governments have traded off its role to bring about social reforms and to provide social services and well-being to the people. The victory of capitalism has produced
negative effects such as job insecurity; a widening disparity and inequality between the few elite and the masses who are in the majority; and climate change and global warming which has brought destruction to the environment. All that big business can think of are profits and high returns. The loss of voice of the citizenry has made us jump to the conclusion that democracy is indeed killed by capitalism and the power of the people to determine their self-determination has been snuffed out.
Globalization: The Super Story
Globalization is a super story because it tells about how the world has been integrated by this invention called the Internet and the Web. From the Cold War days symbolized by the Berlin Wall and its theme of division and which had since been smashed to smithereens, there emerged a new world wherein markets, technology and finance had been shrunk that all communications take place instantly and only with the click of a mouse. The world suddenly becomes flat and everything and everybody becomes empowered because we are enabled to reach each other faster, farther and cheaper, The result is the emergence of a Supermarket and a super-empowered individual who can do anything at will even without governmental intervention. He can connect himself to whomsoever he wishes through the Email. He can also do all kinds of cyber crimes such as electronic money laundering or siphoning of plundered government money to 'smart-cards' or gaining access to individual or ...Show more


Capitalism is on a rampage to decimate democracy because the pursuit of profit has possessed the minds of corporate entities as well as investors and customers. The eventual success of capitalism, fueled by billions of dollars of plutocratic money as well as desire of governments for high economic growth that would hopefully position them as one of the highly industrialized and/or commercialized economies in the world, has created a huge monster that no government or citizens can possibly control…
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Capitalism and Democracy essay example
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