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Global Warming. Who is responsible?

And the major part of the warming that has been reported this century took place from 1900-1940. Ironically, the release of greenhouse gases was less during this period of the century when compared to the second half. In reality, the rise in temperatures over the recent years has been relatively higher when compared with the increase in greenhouse gases.1

Over the last few years, the issue of global warming has gained widespread media coverage. It has been the subject of many TV debates and now has a central role in the ongoing U.S. presidential elections campaigns. Many TV programs depict polar bears stranded as huge chunks of ice continue to melt into the polar waters. This has even been the subject of advertisement for many cruise lines that lure customers by promising them to enroll on a trip to witness the effects of global warming as it melts down polar ice that has been there for more than two million of years.2 ...
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One of the greatest problems of our time is global warming. The earth's climate has continued to vary over the ages with temperatures soaring as the years go by. The Northern Hemisphere's temperature has been rising after the Little Ice Age in the 17th century…
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