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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) - Case Study Example

Case Study
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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a modern approach in psychotherapy that combines cognitive therapy, REBT and modification of behavior to treat psychopathology and anxiety disorders. Its main focus centers on challenging skewed beliefs and assumptions held by patients that ultimately affect the way they think, feel, react and behave in certain situations…

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

(Neenan & Dryden, 2006). In many cases patients that require cognitive behavior therapy exhibit traits like self-destructive and repulsive habits, shame, avoidance, harbor unproductive thoughts and entertain blame games. (Willson & Branch, 2006). Stan's case is not isolated as he depicts similar traits. For example, he avoids the people he used to associate with while he was still in employment, he is unwilling to take work he is over qualified for hence has been unemployed for six months. At the same time he feels ashamed of his unemployment status hence avoids going out of the house at all, he drinks during the day rather than look for another job, he feels entitled to provide financially as the firstborn in his family irrespective of his impossible situation. His panic attacks are as a result of the anxiety he feels from the overwhelming responsibility of being a father, a first born and a husband and the fact that he is not able to get himself out of the situation.
The source of Stan's problems is in his pattern of thoughts. The way he perceives his situation has led to the outward show of his frustration and depression. For example, he lost his job and hence he thinks that he has failed. ...
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