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Paid Public and Non-personal Advertisement Persuasive Message

When we talk about advertising, it is a time of paid public and non personal advertisement persuasive message. It is a kind of promotion technique that is directed towards the existing and the potential clients. On the other hand marketing is the planning of right mix of business activities that is carried out to gather buyers and sellers at a common point for transaction of goods. Advertising is like one arm of marketing activities. Consider marketing as a cake, advertising would be a slice of pie from that cake. "The systematic planning, implementation and control of a mix of business activities intended to bring together buyers and sellers for the mutually advantageous exchange or transfer of products (Lake L., 2007)".
Same Market New Product (Product Development) In this strategy, an organization introduces the same product in the market that he is currently catering to. It is a type of product development that an organization does to retain and increase its potential customers by providing solutions that based on the identified requirement of customers.
Same Product New Market (Market development) In this strategy, an organization takes the same product that it is currently dealing in to new markets, to turn its prospective customers into its routine and regular customers by identifying a need in that segment. ...
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Everyone around us is an expert of marketing in some sense and practises it in some way or other. For example we, in our student life someway practise marketing. When we make presentations in class we try to present our idea in the best form and try to convince our class fellows towards our idea in an attractive ways…
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