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Summaries of the articles - Essay Example

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In an article titled Career Pathways for Pharmacists authors Schommer, Sogol, and Brown report the bright outlook for career professionals working in the field of pharmacy. The authors say that improved technology and recent legislation regarding the funding of health care has expanded the number and type of career opportunities available…

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Summaries of the articles

The program is a survey based effort that has evolved out of the initial programs of the 1980s. The survey has a web based program that gathers information from working pharmacists and categorizes them in 1 of 25 categories. The findings are then published in an effort to aid current and future pharmacists in designing their own career path. In addition, the report is broken down between pharmacist and pharmaceutical scientist. In addition to listing areas as diverse as teaching and management, the findings report on workers' job satisfaction, workload, and demographics.
In an article titled New Perspective Urged to Combat Resistant Microbes author Kate Traynor reports on the recent efforts to make antimicrobial effectiveness a public health priority. The author states that antimicrobial resistance is a major threat to public health and the article urges "antimicrobial effectiveness be treated as a natural resource, much like oil, fish, or forests" (p.1248). The importance of the issue is highlighted by Ramanan Laxminarayan, a senior fellow at the prestigious Resources for the Future who is quoted as saying "Antibiotic resistance is an immediate threat to public health" (p.1246). Laxminarayan calls for the implementation of a new government policy.
The article pointed out that reducing microbial resistanc ...
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