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This paper is all about bonds and their different types

Let's have a glance over the definition of Bonds and their importance and usage.
A debt security in which the issuer is liable to pay interest at a later date to the security holder, which termed as maturity is called bonds. More precisely we can say that a bond is a type of a loan in which the person which issues the bonds is termed as borrower and by contrast a person which holds it, termed as lender. Interest or coupon rate is the thing which becomes a bridge between the borrower and lender which ultimately constrains the value of return, and it must be repaid at fixed interval over a specified period of time.
A little bit contradiction found between the bonds and stocks. In general, both are securities but stock holders are the equity stake holder of the company and known as the real owner of the entity, while the bond holders are the lenders to the issuer, which usually have a specified term of maturity after which the bond security gets redeemed (Vernimmen, 2006). According to the statistics of the Federal Reserves (FED), there are more than $1.7 trillion municipal securities, $3.6 trillion of outstanding US Treasury securities, $2.7 trillion of corporate bonds and more than $470 billion of bonds issued by the foreign governments and corporations in the United States. There are several types of bonds a corporation issues.
Usually treasury bonds are referred as the government bonds, whi ...
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This paper is all about bonds and their different types. The paper elaborates regarding the importance of bonds. Its also include the value and confines of the issuance of bonds. Study shows how interest rates influence the rates of return on bond to condense or hike…
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