Raymond Carvers Short Stories

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Raymond Carver is, by popular literary consensus, a minimalist. His stories are short, his language is stark, his characters are uncomplicated and his symbols are basic. None of this, however, implies poverty of meaning as Carver's short stories are about the meaning of life, the meaning behind relationships and the meaning underscoring human action (Hallett, pp.


It is, thus, that a comparative analysis of "Cathedral," "What We Talk About When We Talk About Love," and "A Small Good Thing" are replete with meaning regarding light and dark, faith and love. In all, and as will be argued in this essay, the mentioned meanings/themes are symbolized through the male-female relationship.
Human relationships, the way in which men and women interact with one another, conveys a spiritual, even biblical theme, in the three named stories. "In A Small Good Thing," bread symbolizes faith and religion. At the end of the story, Carver allows his characters to meet, discuss their predicament and explore their loss. Scotty's parents confront the baker and even though he had made several menacing calls regarding Scotty, the confrontation assumes an air of spirituality. Instead of turning into a violent or bitter exchange, it becomes a moment of shared experiences. As Scotty's parents recount their loss, the baker explains what happened to him, apologizing for having harassed them. ...
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