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Case Study example - Network Diagram

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High school
Case Study
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There will be two collision domains. Each of the divisions will work as a collision domain. This will help in avoiding the unnecessary data congestion. This means that, if there is heavy data transfers in Division B, this congestion in data traffic will not appear on division A…

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However, there may be some occurrences when the inter-division communication is required, say some conference where one division is providing the administration support, while the other is providing technical support, in such case, they would need to communicate with each other. The use of router, to connect these two separate boundaries of message collision, solves the problem.
Each department of each division will be provided the hub. All the work stations in that department will be connected to a hub. The hubs of same division will be connected to each other, more or less like a chain or ring. The broadcast domain, the extent to which the packet will be visible, will be one department each. If some packet is there even at a department of division A , rest of the departments at department A will counter the congestion due to this. (Held 1986)
In order to increase the efficiency, each division will have one PC that will work as a server, in each of the divisions. Moreover, these servers will used as a backup to each others. For example, if the server of division B fails, the divison A will become the active server and control both. On the overall level Ethernet and on the division level, token ring may be the best way.
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