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Knowledge and Skills - Essay Example

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The definition of knowledge has been subjected to debate over the past centuries; however, Oxford Dictionary defines knowledge as the expertise and skills that are acquired by individuals over a period of time. A human being gains immense knowledge about the various aspects of this world as he/she resides in this world…

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Knowledge and Skills

This 'Knowledge and Skills Framework' is designed in the United Kingdom, to understand, and sustain personal and career development. It helps to identify the skills and knowledge individuals should apply to their jobs so that they are provided with equal opportunities of progress throughout their careers.
1. I have served many non profit and for-profit organizations over the past years of my life. These include fulfilling the duties of an administrator, director, operations manager and as a full time social worker at many organizations. This kind of massive exposure to the real world problems related to the management of these associations has led to the development of my psychosocial abilities and I have fully utilized these abilities to the best of my capabilities. I have served as a full time social worker at the Fresenius Medical Care formerly known as Renal Care Group, Inc, Wynnewood. This facility provides dialysis treatments to adults in 3 countries simultaneously. At the DaVita Dialysis also provides dialysis treatments to adults and Delware County and South Philadelphia area. Also, I have demonstrated my skills as a Director at 'Tressler Lutheran Services, West Chester' which provides clinical therapy to adolescents and families in the area. ...
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