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Assignment example - Increasing Literacy and Reading Competency of a Four-Year Old Learner

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I am a full-time student doing my Masters in Guidance and Counselling. Prior to this, I was working in the IT industry for 3 years, but I quit my job to pursue an education in Psychology and Counselling. Hence, I do not have any experience in Education industry…

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appraisement, educational adjustment profile (EAP), specialist report, assessment - minimum 3 types, research literature - minimum 4).
2. Use positive language to highlight what the student can currently achieve. Do not use a deficit approach. Avoid comparisons with the norm. I am particularly interested in finding out about the student's interests, likes and dislikes and learning characteristics. What do you already know about what works for this student
Melanie (pseudonym name) is a healthy four year-old girl, currently attending K1 in Modern Montessori International Group (MMI). Through the use of appraisement observation (Wood, 1992), it has been noted that when she is asked to read a selection and later on asked of what she has understood about it, she loses track of the entire reading subjecting her to forgetting even the simple words that she has already come across within the reading. Besides that, it could be noted too that even though she is asked with regards the meaning of the words that she was already given familiarity to while reading the material given to her, she has the hardest time remembering them during the first time of questioning. If closer observance is paid to the reading process of Melanie at home, it would likely lead to different end results, as per suggested by the Educational Adjustment Profile (Balasundarm, 1998). ...
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