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Essay example - comparecontrast synthesis All In a Summers Day(Bradbury) with It's A Good Life(Bixby)

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Science fiction as a genre has had many brilliant exponents in the last century. Ray Bradbury and Jerome Bixby are some of the well known writers of science fiction. While the 1953 short story of Jerome Bixby ,'It's a Good Life' has won many accolades, the short story 'All Summer in a Day' by Ray Bradbury has been televised…

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While 'It's a Good Life' is set in a place which might be the earth, the short story by Bradbury is set in the planet Venus. While Bradbury's story is set somewhere in the near future, Bixby's story is set in the last part of the twentieth century.. In 'All Summer in a Day', the story begins with a forecast given by scientists about a rainless hour, indicating the dependence on scientists .In a story set in a distant future, the dependence would be on machines and computers. In the case of 'It's a Good Life', the time of the story is indicated by the music record Are You My Sunshine which was a present for Dan. While the place of the story 'All Summer in a Day', Venus, is a planet humans have at last colonized, the planet is inhospitable, with rain throughout the year. In fact it had been raining for several years, and the sun had come out for an hour seven years ago. On the other hand, the story 'It's a Good Life' takes place on the earth, or on a part of the earth which has been separated from the rest of the planet by the protagonist.
Both the stories have children as the protagonists. While in Bradbury's story, it is nine year old Margot, a budding poet, who is the protagonist, in Bixby's story, it is three year old Anthony who is at the center of the story. ...
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