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An Experimental Research on How Memory Works With Shallow and Deep Encoding - Essay Example

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An Experimental Research on How Memory Works With Shallow and Deep Encoding

In the following report, an understanding on how two primary procedures of encoding are rather effectively affecting the memory use of the young students shall be examined. Through an experimentation process, the entire study shall be based on evidence proven approach that would likely involve the use of certain willing participants and the evaluation of the results that are to be handled by the researchers early on. 2
The process by which the mind stores an awful lot of information in the head of human individuals is a great and awesome truth about the amazing capabilities of the human body's capability to respond to the environment that a person lives in. Not a single super computer could amount to the capability of the human mind to store information about a hundredfold of details about different matters of consideration that a person is most likely interested in. 3
This particular capability of the mind is the basic reason why there is learning. The belief that growth comes along with the process of mindful maturity and the amount of information stored and utilized by the human minds is indeed considered as the basic foundation of the reasons behind the establishment of several learning institutions today.4 Truthfully, the entire process of storing and utilization of information is taken considerably by the human mind as the main function that it contributes to the function of the human body.
However, not all human individuals are able to utilize the memory function of their minds. Some are able to develop an easier personal process of storing information in their minds, while some others find it hard to recall certain details that they were already supposed to know since their mind has already been fed with the information that they need to know.5 For this particular reason, the need to develop and investigate existing procedures of memory enhancement among students is pursued by many educators today. It could not be denied that the capability of each student to retain information in their minds in the most efficient way could not only give them a chance to pass their classes, but also give them the opportunity to live better lives later on.
Implications of the Experiment
In learning, the capability of one to recall information is very important. One's inability to do so is considered as a serious issue of consideration for any particular individual. The incapability of one to use his or her memory to remember matters would likely give the problem of not being able to learn and advance further. As known to many, the level of understanding that one gets is basically sourced out from being well educated6. Hence, through this particular study, the researchers aim to find the most effective process to make educating students one of the most important matters that could be considered in developing an efficient process of helping learners find the most effective way of utilizing their memory to store the information that they get the chance to hold onto in school or other learning institutions that they are enrolled in. 7
Encoding strategies are noted to be the process of putting information into the mind of an individual. How the mind responds to the outside environment is the basic process by which the researchers would try to examine the procedures with regards ...Show more


The ways by which the memory works is an essential factor that needs to be considered especially by educators. This notes the importance of researching on the major procedures by which they are to likely be able to find the most effective approach needed to pursue the need of their learners to grasp most of the subject matters being presented to them1…
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An Experimental Research on How Memory Works With Shallow and Deep Encoding essay example
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