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Lab Report example - pH Indicators

High school
Lab Report
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Ans: Enzymes are biocatalysts which carry out biochemical reactions at rigid conditions of temperature and pH. Enzymes are used in multiple areas in Pharmaceutical, biotech and food industries where it is critical to maintain the pH of the process for optimal functioning of the enzymes…

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Maintaining the pH is critical in any industrial processes employing enzymes. A few examples would be papain from the leaves and unripe fruit of the pawpaw (Carica papaya) has been used to tenderise meats. Amylase is used in starch hydrolysis. Now gluco-amylase functions at pH 4.5 whereas fungal amylase at pH 5.5. Lactose hydrolysis is carried out by lactase for Aspergillus niger and A.oryzae at pH optima (pH 4.5-6.0 and 3.0-4.0, respectively)
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