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The Support For Social And Political Reform In The 1960s. Watergate political scandal.

There were enormous civil rights struggles, militant wages struggles in virtually every sector of the economy and urban riots. So why did all of this decline in the 1970's

One of the reasons for this decline was that the 1970's was a time of the rise of the Conservative Right as a reaction to the permissiveness of the counter-culture in the 1960's which dismissed "family values", traditional religious values and had a widespread distrust in the government, thus creating a counter reaction to that culture.

Things were further complicated by America's declining economic condition world wide and the oil shock of 1973-74.The US saw the deepest recession since the 1930s.At this time President Nixon also announced the closure of the "Golden Window" which was a system of managed exchange rates which had far reaching political and economic consequences for American politics.

The American working class did continue much of its militancy which was characteristic of the 1960's strikes. There were bitter strikes throughout the 1970s by workers and this crisis peaked during the 111-day nationwide coal miners' strike of 1977-78.These workers sought to reinforce the whole series of social reforms about workers made by Roosevelt's New Deal. Often dubbed as concessions wrenched by the working class from the American ruling class, these were no longer feasible for the economically stagnating position of the US ruling elite and there was a continuous struggle to end these reforms. ...
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The Support For Social And Political Reform In The 1960s.
The early 1970's was a time when America was still feeling the burnt of the turbulent decade of the 1960's.The issue of the Vietnam war had carried itself over into the new decade…
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