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Marine Organisation

Thus the situation today is not the same as the situation that was present a few earlier. The first step in the exercise is to determine what are marine operations and this can be given as the planning and execution of specific requirements for different purposes within marine areas for transferring of loads, towing of vessels, transports of special items through the seas, servicing of installations which are fixed with the sea and are referred to as off-shore installations, lifting of all types of material from within the sea and from the sea bed, operations which are carried out below the level of the seas and transit and positioning of mobile offshore units. (DNV Rules for Planning and Execution of Marine Operations)
During the cases when the marine operations are important for the purpose of battle, one of the most important aspects are to ensure the supplies for the soldiers involved in the war, as was observed to be the case in Vietnam. (Humphries, 1999, p. 223) While the general feeling is that services of marines are restricted to operations on the sea, there are occasions when they are used on land. These also lead to unfortunate incidents as was the case in Haiti, which was occupied by a marine detachment, and on occasions they were even rushed by angry peasants armed with stones, machetes and clubs. ...
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The concept of marine organisations arises from different types of commercial organisations that operate in the marine environment. This leads to changes in the style of operation for different organisations due to the differences in the nature of their operation…
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