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Day of Nonconfirmity

The second problem is that as I looked at my behavior, I saw several aspects where I was already a nonconformist, in a sense making me different from the others. In these areas of my life - such as the way I thought about good and bad, the right thing to do and why I do certain things - I thought differently from others my age. This is because I was trained to be somewhat independent and think on my own. So my problem was: should I continue being true to myself and behave as I am, different in these respects from the others, or should I be nonconforming by nonconforming to myself
I thought hard before I realized that I could leave those nonconformist behaviors intact and continue being true to myself, because this is one of the goals of this experiment, and instead to look at those aspects of my life where I was conformist, where I flowed with the crowd for no other reason than because I found it the right thing to do. I took mental note of those points in my day and then planned what I had to otherwise do.
When I woke up on the appointed day, I had a mantra: "Be true" and "Swim against the current". ...
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As always, I began preparing for the Day of Nonconformity a day before by spending a few hours reading about it. My first reaction was one of confusion, because as I understood it, nonconformity means going against the current, not doing what others are doing, or not doing something just because it is a generally accepted form of behavior…
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