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Health Quality Care Administration

(Kilpatrick and Johnson 856-857).
External feedback mechanism: Survey is the most common, reliable and valid method to gather feedback from external customers who mainly are the patients for a health care facility. The instrument of survey is a rigorously prepared questionnaire using Likert or Yes/No scales. Likert scales provide better perception as it is a labeled scale for e.g. patient attributes may be between 'excellent to poor'. A three to five point scale is used commonly while a seven-point scale is rare. A survey may be telephonic or mailed (Lloyd 40-43).
The most commonly used method to collect information from clients is survey. The survey is useful for assessment of services and product at pre admission, at the point of service and post service care. The advantages of survey are its generalizability, provides comparative data, and continuity of monitoring. It is easy and fast to implement. It, though, requires appropriate instruments and protocols. The focus group is reportedly is a small representative sample of target population. It is a one to one and one-half hour discussion by the group of 8 to 14 persons implemented by a professional. The focus group results are usually compared with a survey result. One more method to hear voice of the customer is Observation, A least expensive method. ...
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Internal customer feedback: Internal customers are the health care workers in a hospital like physicians, nurses etc. The physician asks the laboratory to conduct some tests on a patient, here the former is a customer to the latter who has to satisfy his needs with a certain quality…
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