Japan Airlines Flight 123

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Flight accident often occurs due to one reason or another. The detestable accidents which do happen are inevitable to human. The causes of flights incidents can be attributed to primary factors which are structural, mechanical and human error factors. This can occur as primary factors or secondary factor.


The mechanical problem which occurred within the engines caused vibrations and in the process the airplanes lost control.
The accident was said to have been caused by loss of primary flight controls functions. This means that the flight control functions were fault bringing in a mechanical problem on the airplane operation. This implies that the engines and the flight control functions were the two major primary source factors contributing to the incidents.
Following the failure of the flight control functions, the steering and the pitch also developed complications. The failure for the control functions to operate led to the development of a thrust change within the steering and the pitch. This sudden steering change can thus be secondary mechanical factor that caused the perilous incident to occur.
Aft pressure bulkhead: the structure of the aft pressures bulkhead was designed in a manner that it could not allow pressure to be released and built up effectively. This design of the aft bulkhead could only allow considerable pressure to build inside without balancing of the realizing pressure rate. As a result, more pressure developed in it and it eventually ruptured.
Initially, the way the airplane parts were assembled it was hard to prevent continuous propagation of damage. ...
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