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Gender Roles

Society has assigned role to men and women creating specific gender roles since the begging of time. Gender roles are rapidly and difference between today's roles and the gender roles fifty years ago obvious. In the past, women traditionally were expected to get married, and raise a family. Society frowned upon women who obtained a career instead of falling into the expected role. Today the role of women has changed dramatically. Women are obtaining education and working outside between raising their families and their career. However the new role of working mom has not made life any easier. Yes women are free than any generation women in history to hold position of power in the work place and in government but this has come at the expense of power over their personal lives (crittenden, 2001, 2)." Society now causes women to feel inadequate for being a stay at home mom and not working. My neighbor recalls being asked by an old friend 'so what do you do' when she answered that she stays home to raise the kids the neighbor said 'that's it " My neighbor recalls feeling like she should be doing more even though until that moment she felt complete.
Some women also feel like they have to work and leave their family in order to pay the bills because one income isn't enough. Regardless of this confusion of a result of new gender roles women have more choices then in the past.
Men on the other hand are enter ...
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For generations women have been facing great challenges based on gender roles established by society. Today women still feel the pressure of traditional rules, however the feminist movement changed specific societal roles. Women can now join the workforce and have more opportunities to educate themselves…
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