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experience with application of theory

Indeed, it is known in psychology that most people believe in their own personal experience so much that they ignore findings of research, even if the underlying scientific evidence is very compelling (Knapp 1999, p.ix). But after all, this is not always a bad thing that we channel all events in our lives through our personal psychological filters, if we can use this term. What is important, though, that we do not lose the ability to see connections between our experiences and the strict psychological theories that attempt to structure and categorize different elements of our everyday goings-on. In this light, I will try to see how a real-life communication event that I have experienced can be interpreted and analyzed using such aspects of communication theory pertaining to interpersonal communication as the cognitive processing and mechanisms related to the psychological influence.
The event that I am about to deal with is the story of friendship between me and my boyfriend Greg, and our friends Andrea and Dany, who have been themselves a couple. In fact, before we met with Greg, Dany had been his good friend, and I, in my turn, had been friends with Andrea. ...
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One of trends in the history of development of science was the departure of man from the self-centered world view, when most aspects of reality were interpreted as human-like, as for example was the case with ancient anthropomorphic gods and attempts to explain natural events in notions similar to those used in everyday life…
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