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As I reflect upon the life-lessons learned over the course of 40 years, I realize that joining the esthetics profession represents the culmination of my dreams and interests. As I was growing up, I had a consistent interest in the dental, esthetician, and designer fields; which demonstrates to me that I have always recognized the importance of personal appearance.


It has become very important to me to help people achieve their esthetic goals and develop a positive self image. I feel that I can best accomplish this through a career in the esthetics field.
Of all my positive personal qualities, I think my ability to be organized and professional has served me best in life. Organizational skill has impacted my personal and professional success by equipping me to accomplish the goals set before me. For the future, I have determined to learn as much as possible about esthetics, and become a licensed esthetician. Ultimately, I hope to work for a plastic surgeon and then achieve my dream of opening my own business. I am convinced that admission to the Euro Institute Esthetician School will best equip me to fulfill my life goals and achieve my dream.
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