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Established in 1976, Apple has seen many ups and downs in its lifetime. The company started with Apple I and Apple II which were newer designs and had features unlike the machines at that time. There was some success but then with Apple III, Steve Jobs (CEO and founder) decided that the computer should not have an internal fan and instead the chassis should dissipate the heat generated by electronic components.


Although Apple attempted to tap the market with Macintosh clones but the initiative was gone. In 1997, when Steve Jobs rejoined Apple as the CEO, the company took some bold steps. Apple joined hands with Microsoft and introduced Microsoft Office for Macintosh. This moved attracted customers as Office was the most used software at that time. Perhaps the big turning point in Apple's history was the introduction of iMac. Customers were intrigued with the aesthetics of the machine and about 1 million units were sold in a year. To enhance marketing efforts, Apple opened up company owned retail stores in various parts of United States in early 2001. The introduction of iPod and then iPhone has put Apple back in customer's minds. These products have revolutionized the industry.
Apple emphasizes on relaxed culture with casual dress code but an intense work environment. Employees have to work long hours and on weekends but they do not have to worry about wearing formal dresses for office. The culture is fun filled yet there is no compromise on the quality of work and output. ...
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