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Postcolonial Literature

Not all of the hierarchies are so clearly drawn, nor are they so firmly entrenched as one might believe.
Postcolonial critics such as Said, Loomba, Bhabha and Fanon address and describe the principal features of postcolonialism's intellectual inheritance. Edward Said Orientalism (1991) unveils an uneasy relationship with Marxism, a specifically poststructuralist and anti-humanist understanding of two opposite worlds: Western and colonial ones. In his works, Said states that while all texts are 'worldly', great texts reflect the greatest pressures and preoccupations of the postcolonial world. In contrast to Said, Fanon depicts resistance and anti-colonial ideas typical for the society of this period of time. In his works, Fanon pays a special attention to French colonialism and collective violence. Fanon claims that the most important thing for citizens is total liberation and freedom, liberal ideas and self-understanding. He writes: "Colonialism wants everything to come from it. But the dominant psychological feature of the colonized is to withdraw before any invitation of the conqueror's" (Fanon 63). In contrast to said, Fanon pays a special attention to grievances and problems of black population, slave and master relationships.
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A. Postcolonial literature represents a unique combination of Western fiction features and colonial literature influences. With the emergence of a vast body of postcolonial literature, many issues have surfaced: questions of the role of tradition, the nature of the new literary discourses, and the relationship of the postcolonial era to colonialism and neocolonialism, among others…
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