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The Glass Menagerie College - Book Report/Review Example

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The Glass Menagerie College

It heralded Williams as a high caliber playwright who had the unique talent to create complex, flawed and troubled characters who had to desperately fight tooth and nail to escape their gruesome circumstances. The topic tackled in this paper is the escapism resorted to by the three main characters: Amanda, Laura and Tom and how such escapism affected each separately and the family as a whole. Moreover, this paper ventures the possible ways the characters should have faced reality and if they did so, the possibility that the outcome of their lives could have veered greatly from the tragedy that happened in their lives. Lastly, it answes the question as to who among the three changed the most and who changed the least over the course of the play.
This play is about escapism, illusions and fantasies that the three characters used, to deny realities that they cannot cope up with and it illustrates how each character escapes from such reality. This play therefore, travels to the inner souls of the characters as each try to resolve their internal conflicts and find ways to escape from their desperate circumstances that reduce their lives to pathetic, meaningless existence. Laura, who is socially imbalanced and suffers from a low self-esteem and complete lack of self-confidence as well as pathological
Bohnenkemper 3
vulnerability finds that she has nowhere to run to protect herself from a 'cruel world' but must escape in "a world of her own.. a world of glass ornaments" (Part3, scene 5, p.45) because these can never hurt her ultra-sensitive feelings and can never throw her out of her equilibrium. Not ...Show more


The Glass Menagerie is a semi-autobiographical play that is not only innovative in its style of presentation with Tom as narrator and one of the main characters at the same time but it is also littered with symbolisms. It deals with a family down on its luck, with each of them grappling with pathos-laden conflicts and each of them refusing to face squarely their throttling circumstances through fantasies, escapism and illusions…
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The Glass Menagerie College Book Report/Review essay example
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The Glass Menagerie Book Report/Review
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