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Florence Nightingale - Essay Example

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Ans 1. Florence nightingale was the daughter of a well off landowner and was born in 1820 in london. When she was seventeen she showed her interest in the field of nursing which was opposed to by her parents as they believed that it was an occupation of the working class and her mother was more interested in getting her married…

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Florence Nightingale

Nightingale not only treated the soldiers but she started working for the improvement of the conditions of the military hospitals. She wrote books on nursing and with the help of aid from friends she started a nursing school at st Thomas's hospital. Florence nightingale was a very ambitious lady who revolutionized the criteria's of nursing. Though belonging to a rich family she chose for herself the profession of nursing and tried to change the concept of the society that nursing was a profession for the working class women and not a very respectable line of work. It was the period of the 19th century when women were struggling for their rights. Florence nightingale played a role in the movement and she faced all the challenges that came her way which included the government of that time. She used the newspapers as her tools and worked very hard for the purpose.
Ans2. Florence nightingale was a very brave and confident lady. She set an example for the women of her time. Florence nightingale became a nurse though she belonged to a wealthy family and nursing at that time was a profession considered to be for the working class women. ...
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