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The objectives of the Justice Policy Institute - Essay Example

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Sending offenders to jail is costing a lot. It is said to be taking great tolls on the states. There are alternatives being offered among which is the one undertaken by the Justice Policy Institute. Criminals are humans. They change for the better or maybe for the worse…

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The objectives of the Justice Policy Institute

[internet]) Yes, giving a chance to a jailed convict is understandable. But questions have to be answered. Is it worth it Is any program to that effect deserving of support Is incarceration really not the solution Whatever the answers are, does the Justice Policy Institute have a definite, determined and clearly streamlined missions and visions
With its objectives focused on offering or proposing alternatives to incarceration, the Justice Policy Institute, a non-profit organization, believes that the options incorporated in its goals and missions are safe, effective and fair and these are achieved, among others, through researching into the roots and outcomes of incarceration. (Schiraldi, Vincent Schiraldi, Jason Colburn and Eric Lotke. An Examination of the Impact of Three Strikes Laws. THREE STRIKES AND YOU ARE OUT. [internet].) It also is a proponent of changing the perceptions of the public regarding the issue of jailing. Furthermore, it commits to assist the government and the communities along that line. Interestingly, the organization, even giving it the benefit of the doubt that it has the sincerity in proposing alternatives better and more worthwhile than prisons, the goals it has outlined seem to be overshadowed by the attendant vagueness. ...
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