Essay sample - Legal Policies and Procedures to Refer a Student with a Perceived Impairment for Evaluation

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IDEA has an explicit history in the educational system within the United States. This research goes into how the system places special needs children and attempts to give them the same rights to education as other children in a normal classroom environment have…


The assessments that are done and the parental meetings between school administrations and the family are a central part of helping children gain a good and solid educational experience. The conclusion defines that without the implementation of IDEA many years ago there would still be many children missing out on the right to learn in a public environment. It also concludes that although there are still many issues that need to be worked out it is a positive influence in the educational system and does make a difference for many special needs children and the families.
IDEA was first initiated in 1975 in order to provide all children the right to a public education in the United States (Department of Education 1997). The history can relatively speak for itself because before IDEA's implementation into the educational system there was no place for special needs children and they were left shut out of the school system. Research defines the approximate percentage of young people who were facing disclusion to have been at 1 million and then another 100,000 did not receive the appropriate services that they desperately needed (Department of Education 1997). ...
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