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Essay example - The movie rating system should be revised.

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The movie rating system has been established in different countries for the movies their areas produce. Its aim is to classify films according to the degree of sex, violence, profanity or any other mature content they might contain which is unsuitable for certain audiences…

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However, the rating system is not viewed as an effective and substantial body and has been criticized for a variety of reasons.
The first criticism against the motion picture rating system has been presented by film critic Ebert who claims the rating system to place more importance on the minute details of the movie rather than the movie itself. This argument stands against the system's choice of picking on intricate details of the movie like the number of times a profane word is used or the number of scenes containing violence. This allows the rating system to escape from the throes of presenting the true message of the movie. For instance, a movie with sex and violence could be discussing the consequences these activities could teach to the audience. Adult ratings should be limited to those movies which show an immense degree of sex and violence. This would help in the removal of NC-17 which allows a greater number to access a variety of movies. Ratings of movies like Passion of the Christ should not have ratings that limit individuals under 17 from watching a movie (Ebert 2004). This is because the rating system creates a loss in the true message of the movie in its quest to censor the content.
Another idea that stands up against movie rating systems is the belief that filmmakers are forced to change movies because the content affects the personal sensibilities of the members of the censorship board ...
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