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The Making Of the Black Revolutionaries

These small steps come from the struggles faced in everyday life, at school, in church, and the local restaurant. By remaining true to his personal convictions throughout his life, the revolutionary inside was allowed to grow. The book traces this evolution in Forman, and the people that he worked with in the civil rights movement, from being political activists to becoming powerful forces behind revolution.
The book is divided into two parts and highlights the evolutionary change from political thought to action for social change. Book One, "A Constant Struggle", details the experiences of the author's early life and his experiences with the state of race relations in America from the 1930s through the 1950s. It is in these years that Forman forms his political views and forges his hunger to pursue social justice. The author is faced with the everyday hatred and discrimination that confronted blacks during this period, yet he does not preach about their evils. The author is a master at describing the situation and letting the reader draw their own conclusions. ...
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The 1972 book The Making of Black Revolutionaries is a chronological autobiography of author James Forman's early life and his experience at changing the oppressive politics of the civil rights era. Through the author's telling of his personal experience, and his political evolution, the book, published by Macmillan and Company in New York, seeks to tell the story of the thousands of activists that were transformed from protesters to revolutionaries during this turbulent period.
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