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Analyse the Impact of the Changing Strategic Environment on delivery of Air Power

Security challenges are featuring jumbled and confusing situations loaded with diverse and multi-shaped threats. There is a long list of threats, which is by no means exhaustive. Some of these threats include not only international war and conflict but also the local violence, well planned crime, terrorism and weapons of mass destruction. The other threats with equally disastrous impacts are the high incidence of poverty. All these threats have the potential to undermine substantially the fabric of the nation state system.
Globalization is also the most compulsive factor of sprinkling risks by means of deactivating the muscles of a nation and preparing the ground where the prophecy about conflict would be hard to make. In a capitalism driven world, global media and new innovations facilitating them will affect both national and global politics and will in turn cultivate the socio-economic power and security accordingly. Additionally, the intertwined links that hold together the key players present in the battlefield of the contemporary world like military machines, NGOs and multinational companies pose a bigger challenge for military forces. It is becoming more obvious with each passing day that the immediate future would visit the militaries of this century with dynamic and greater requirements. ...
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Air power has been increasingly attaining the status of the most primary option to respond to the bulk of the global crises, which range from relief activities to theatre wars. In all involvements, its output was universally marked by a deadly accuracy, concentrated power, manoeuvrability and affordability of struggle…
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