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Health Systems Administration.

St. Louis-based BJC HealthCare, a $2.1 billion, 13-hospital system. In BJC's business model, the hospitals openly compete with each other on a wide range of fronts. There is not a combined medical staff, so referrals and revenue are fair game to all. BJC's marketing aim is to increase total revenue by gaining market share. By using a unique organizational model, it appears to be achieving both. BJC's model advocates local autonomy. Individual operating units set their targets and strategies to build their respective books of business. The corporate marketing department provides key resources in marketing consulting, market research, database management, and a call center for business development. On behalf of its facilities, the corporate office fields 425,000 calls to the call center a year and manages 2.5 million records in a master customer database, euphemistically referred to as its corporate memory. In comparison with other multihospital system models, BJC's corporate marketing supports rather than dictates strategy. "We are essentially a consulting resource to our facilities," said Tess Niehaus, director of corporate marketing for BJC. ...
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Strategic thinking, strategic planning, and strategic momentum are the core activities of Strategic Management of Health Care Organizations to develop undergraduate and graduate students as well as practitioners in the field of health care. Strategic managers can be grown into strategic thinkers with the use of their leadership qualities to assess the changing environment, analyze data, question assumptions, and develop new ideas…
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