Operations Management and Fincancial Strategies

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The manner in which organisations operate is one of the most dynamic areas of discussion in most industries. Through the years, operations management has become a primary source of competitiveness that benefits most companies. Several theorists and managers have developed varying style in effectively handling operational responsibilities.


Moreover, it deals with the proper allocation of resources and the strategic acquisition of technology. Some managers contend that the external environment is too influential to be ignored. Therefore, operations management also includes the proper consideration of the outside entities as contributing agent that will eventually affect the performance of the firm. The external environment consists of the customers and other economic indicators.
The analysis of operations management is critical in the success of firms. In fact, some practitioners have instituted organisations that specifically tackle issues concerning operations management. In the next discussion, the approaches in operations management will be use to appraise an organisation and propose for some measures that will solve the current problems and sustain the efforts towards success.
As reported, the company is in a dilemma and the manager is in the process of changing the current status of the firm. It appears that there are several options given to the firm as to the manner of addressing its current problems. This requires rigorous operations planning and strategies that will benefit the company. ...
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