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Essay example - Leadership and Ethics

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Classical moral tradition gives managers and leaders little help regarding obligations to future humans. Yet we sense a vague generalized duty to them, as when we leave wood and a clean campsite for unknown future campers. The problem is that the further we project into the future, the greater are the unknowability and unpredictability…

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The task and duty of managers, leaders and administrators is to apply moral and ethical principles to business world and meet social responsibility issues and take into environmental concerns.
As a decision maker experiences the outcome of a moral choice, not just the external outcome but the internal one as well, the entire decision-making process can be affected. Self-esteem may increase or decrease, leading to modifications (or not) in the perceptual net, the analytic tools, the approach to synthesis, choice, and action planning. Such a learning process is clearly, if slowly, unfolding with the implementation of affirmative action programs in the United States. Racial and gender discrimination are perceived and analyzed differently by most of us today than they were twenty years ago (Crane and Matten 2004). In order to know what the business can do for the community, it must first thoroughly know and understand its own resource capability in the areas of money, manpower, equipment, space, and managerial and technical expertise. Once this is known, then it can be correlated with the various community needs to determine how helpful, if at all, the company can be to the community. ...
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