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Essay example - Teaching Math

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The task of improving students' achievement in mathematics was clearly determined as one of the national priorities in the field of education (Goals 2000: Educate America Act). Such attention to this subject is probably due to the traditional perception of mathematics as the most important doorkeeper to a variety of educational and occupational opportunities (Maccini & Gagnon, 2000)…

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Learning disabilities (LD) seriously interfere with students' achievement in mathematics thus putting them at a higher risk of having problems in meeting the obligatory academic standards as compared to the normal student population. Thus, some recent studies report that between 4-7% of the school age population experiences some form of math difficulty as a result of LDs (Fuchs & Compton, 2005). Granted the increasingly strict graduation requirements imposed on high school seniors in mathematics the risk is even greater these days than ever before. The lack of specialized teacher training, coupled with insufficient amounts and poor availability of effective study material and traditional LD-friendly curricula contributes substantially to the already huge educational issues the average US students with a learning disability must face (Miller & Mercer,1997).
Various behavioral disorders (BD) such as attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD), conduct disorder (CD) and oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) in students represent another highly important problem in terms of teaching and learning mathematics. ...
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