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Language and Learning (English) - Essay Example

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Author : nigeltrantow
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Multiculturalism has since the early 1970's been the Australian governments approach to immigrating groups of people. While viewed by politicians as a progressive policy, multiculturalism encourages divisions in the community by advocating a leaning towards identifying with ones ethnic background through government sponsored community language programs and ethnic media outlets…

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Language and Learning (English)

Multiculturalism is a concept which has in recent years, been embraced by the Australian government. However, a policy of allowing a diverse melting-pot of cultures within our borders has its dangers which are often overlooked as discussions on the topic are considered to be politically incorrect. This essay argues that the Australian governments stance on multiculturalism has lead to national disunity and that our national identity is damaged as a result. The current policies and social issues relating to the subject will be examined in support of this argument as well as public opinions on the issue of multiculturalism. Furthermore the failed policies of multiculturalism in other countries will be examined.
Since the Whitlam government implemented radical changes to the policy of multiculturalism in the early 1970's, successive governments have all demonstrated a commitment to perpetuating the policy. However, criticism of this sensitive issue is often overlooked or discarded offhand by many academics as politically incorrect. Politicians tend to advocate multiculturalism based on its positive aspects and yet are quick to turn a blind eye on its undesirable outcomes. ...
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