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Conflict Between Research and Ethics

These are countered though by the Nuremberg Code, the Declaration of Helsinki and the acts of the American and other medical associations.
The world has been beset and besieged by various viruses and ailments that up to now remedies and cures are not yet available despite medical interventions and researches. While scientists have yet to find a cure for cancer and AIDS, mutated and virulent strains of viruses have cropped up to claim numerous lives while helpless governments watch in desperation as their citizens fall prey to these esoteric diseases. In 1918, Swine Flu made its ghastly entrance in Fort Riley, USA and immediately worked to wipe out half a million people. It reappeared in Russia in 1933 and in 1976 went back to USA to annihilate more people. Medical researchers frenetically worked to find an immunization remedy for this and vaccinated by government edict, some 40 million Americans. But to their horror, a new strain of disease was generated as a side effect which caused serious neurological disorders. This was named Guillain-Barre Syndrome and victimized 1098 people, 25 of whom died (Orr,2007,pp.21,23). Resulting to manifold lawsuits, this was one case where medical research floundered. ...
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exterminate man from the face of the earth. Thus, it is inevitable that human beings be the subject of experiments that would benefit mankind. But history is splattered with heinous tales of how these subjects of such tests are stripped of their dignity and human rights and even lost their lives in the process…
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