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Essay example - Philosophy of Education

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Philosophy of education, for me, is to go for education as a way of life. My mission of life has become education and teaching. Teaching is not away from learning. When a teacher stops learning, it is time for the concerned to become obsolete. I would always like to be vibrant and always on the look out for learning…

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Education is a serious matter. It must be taken as such. Lot of planning and skilled dealing with pupils is necessary. As a teacher, I have to tread slowly, steadily and carefully for I have to be dealing with sensitive and impressionable precious human pupils.
Philosophy brings forth rightful action. Philosophy of education sets a trend for the teacher and students together. It provides the real cohesive force and necessary academic bonding among the students and the teacher. It leads to evolving of a conducive environ from within and without. 'Catch them white and dye them hard' has been the aim of education in earlier years since time immemorial. This trend is changing today. Education has become highly pupil centered in the present day democratic age. Education and teaching is not just lecturing by the teacher. Creativity has to be there. Education is no more where 'rule rules the roost'. Caning of students is no more advisable. A teacher has to teach along while remaining as a friend to students.
Philosophy is wisdom, knowledge, virtue and truth. It is paradigmatic from within. It is always there. Philosophy has an element of timelessness in it. It is dynamic though it does not change. There is a generally accepted notion that 'change is the law of nature'. True it is. ...
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