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Literature For Children

He knows when to make a change in the story and perfectly used it to his credit. Slowly his writing's changed to the dark side as against the usual happy endings.
In those days William Thackeray was Charles Dickens' rival. His works used to have more of a satirical view and depicts situations of a middle class favour. Hardy's literary work used to show the plight of the rural life and sorrow and bitterness of the English countryside.
Though many writes came into picture with their works but they contained unnecessary plots and only were meant to lure the audience to just read those books so that they can become famous overnight, which eventually drew flak.
Since most of the children like fairy tales the authors used to write books on those perceptions. The authors used to imbibe super powers to their characters and produce them as saviours who fight the evil and prevail the truth. As compared to adult literature the authors used more fictitious characters that never cheat and abide by what they say. Where in adult literature all the tricks and dirty plots were used and change the plot when and where they wanted. But it isn't like in children's literature; they are soft like Peter Pan, adventurous like Huckleberry Finn and as curious as Alice in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
One thing that always worked for the authors was to depict the story in pictorial view. ...
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Charles Dickens, Hardy, William Thackeray, etc., were great Victorian novelists and written many books that enthralled the audience for a long time. Their work is considered one of the finest in the Victorian period. Charles Dickens was reader's favourite and most popular author…
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