Norms are Informal Rules in Society

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Norms are informal rules that govern behavior in a society, they are informal in that they do exist in written documents as opposed to formal norms, breaking norms will lead to sanctions by the society, and sanctions are either positive or negative, negative sanctions are applied to those who break the rules in the society.


The first example is where an individual of high status quo decides to use his bicycle to travel to work despite having a vehicle and the availability of public means of transport, the individual will have behaved against the norms of the society as depicted by the roles and code of behavior associated with his rank and status in the society. The sanctions that the society will impose on such an individual will include the decline in respect and status attached to the individual by his work mates and society.
His workmates who have lower prestige jobs in the work place may doubt the individuals capability to be in such a position and this might lead to the loss of the job by the individual because the individual does not act according to the roles attached to him and also he does behave according to the societies norms to maintain his status and prestige according to the role he or she plays in the society.
The other example is when an individual may decide to wear two different types or make of shoes, one make on the left foot and the other on the right, those who notice may decide that this is a mere joke but the society may decide to sanction you because of breaking the social norms associated with wearing shoes by trying to embarrass yo ...
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